When it comes to construction, it is crucial to choose your contractor carefully. If you are building a mall, one simple mistake in picking your contractor can result in significant losses. While the task of searching for a contractor can be overwhelming, choosing a good contractor makes sense to your business. But for each craziest encounter with a client, there is always something to smile. And that is why we want to save you a headache with these simple ways on how to choose a contractor.

Is the contractor licensed or insured?

We all know that scammers are everywhere including the construction sector. An unlicensed contractor may end up being unreliable. A contractor who has a license and insurance proves that his company is credible. License reduces your chances of being swindled. Additionally, even if the company has a permit, ensure it is valid by getting the license number. If you pick an unlicensed contractor, and a worker gets hurt while working on your project, you are likely to take responsibility.

Ask for recommendations

As you search, you may find several contractors and find it hard to choose. Recommendations are essential. You can ask a friend to recommend his previous contractor who did him a good job. You can also ask the building inspector in your area to suggest one. The inspector might be in the right position to recommend a good construction contractor as he knows those who regularly meet the standard requirements and those who don’t.

Check their projects

A reliable contractor will not be worried or shy away from showing you the projects he is working on or the previous ones. If possible, request to visit the site where he currently has projects. This can help you to figure out his skills and experience and thus helping you decide if the contractor is suitable for your project. If visiting the site is not enough, request an honest feedback from the current client.

Does the contractor communicate effectively?

Communication is critical in every situation. Spend some time with your expected contractor to find out if he communicates appropriately. You can as well try communicating through phone or email so you can find if he replies promptly. A contractor with excellent communication skills or one who responds to your messages can help solve issues that may come up during construction.


Although skills are necessary, it is also vital to check if he has skills that match your project. Do not hire someone who has skills that do not match your project. This can help your expected contractor to point out problems and solve them accordingly. An expert in your project can tell you the right materials to use and which one can cause the building to collapse.

Bottom line

It is worth mentioning that in every industry, an experience is very essential and this is not different in construction. Choosing an experienced and qualified contractor for your project is a guarantee of a prosperous and safe project.

How to choose a contractor

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